Loch Lomond Single Grain: Tasting Note

Loch Lomond distillery, located northwest of Glasgow, uses multiple stills (four Lomond stills, two pot stills, and one Coffey/column still) to produce an array of distillery styles with varying peating levels. Loch Lomond Signature and Loch Lomond 12 Year Old will be poured at the Jewbilee along with Loch Lomond Single Grain. Distilled from malted barley using their continuous column still this Non Age Statement single grain whisky is bottled at 46% alc., 92 Proof. Look for it around $30 or $35.


Color – Straw

On the nose – Bright and sweet with powdered sugar, yellow PEZ candy, dehydrated pineapple, and hints of desiccated coconut

Flavors in the mouth – A lovely oily texture that goes a little waxy, very grassy with more dehydrated pineapple and oat cakes

Finish – Short to moderate with lingering powdered sugar sweetness and some very gentle oak spiciness

Overall – It’s great to see Loch Lomond launch in the US. With a range of distillery styles there’s something to suit most palates and having an affordable single grain to drink all summer long is a great start. Watch this distillery closely.

Be sure to look for Loch Lomond Single Grain on the penthouse floor at Studio450.