FEW Spirits pouring at both Whisky Jewbilee events

Located a mere 12 miles outside of Chicago, Evanston’s FEW Spirits is an American success story. Master Distiller, Paul Hletko, has traveled extensively to spread the good word about his distillery’s offerings and over the last couple of years FEW bourbon, rye, and barrel-aged gin have been appearing in more and more locations across the US and, more recently, overseas. We’re excited to have FEW pouring at both of this year’s Whisky Jewbilee events. This will mark the second year of FEW’s support and we sincerely thank Paul for that.


Once you meet the man behind the spirit you’ll quickly conclude that he’s having more fun in this business than should really be allowed. Try his FEW Bourbon, which has a grain bill that includes corn, rye, and “some” malt and you’ll find yourself enjoying the dry spice and creamy texture of a 93 Proof whiskey that spent time maturing in virgin charred oak.

FEW Rye, on the other hand, with its rye and corn grain bill is sweeter than your average rye with an inviting herbaceous quality. Consider this a rye whiskey for the bourbon loving friend in your life. Like the bourbon, it’s matured in virgin charred oak and bottled at 93 Proof.  Both the rye and bourbon can be found in New York for between $55 and $65.

Few Barrel-Aged Gin is an altogether different kind of beast. Made on a rye foundation before being matured in oak, there’s lemon peel, cloves, and distinctive juniper.  While extremely difficult to purchase because it’s forever selling out this is a sipping gin that you’ll be happy to have tasted.

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Taste Glenglassaugh Revival & Evolution

Closed in 1986, Glenglassaugh was reopened by a private investment group in 2008. With Stuart Nickerson at the helm the distillery successfully turned a profit within three years of being reopened; an achievement worthy of a man with three full decades of experience in the whisky industry.  Earlier this year the distillery was sold to the BenRiach Distillery Company for an undisclosed sum.


Raj Sabharwal, Managing Director of 2013’s Whisky Importer of the Year, will pour two recent releases from Glenglassaugh: Revival and Evolution. Both of which were distilled and bottled under Stuart Nickerson’s direction.

Released to the US market early last year, Revival is a mix of first and second fill casks that were married in first fill sherry butts for six months. Bottled at an accessible 46% ABV, without coloring or chill-filtering, there are layers of fruit flavors to explore with a balanced spice component. Now becoming quite the rarity you should take a moment to enjoy this release before it disappears for good.

Glenglassaugh followed their Revival release with Evolution, a cask strength bottling exclusively matured in ex-George Dickel Tennessee whiskey casks. This young whisky hides the alcohol and bourbon influence well before exploding across the palate. Be sure to take note of how the Glenglassaugh spirit partners with the Dickel notes to produce a deliciously unified whisky. With only 6000 bottles available worldwide you’ll want to make sure to taste this before it’s all gone, too.

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Suntory commits to Whisky Jewbilee 2013

It is with great pride that we announce the involvement of Japan’s Suntory at both our Mt Kisco and NYC Whisky Jewbilee events in 2013.  Brand ambassador, Gardner Dunn, and Suntory US Manager, Yoshihiro Morita, will be in attendance to pour Yamazaki 12 and 18 Year Olds, Hakushu 12 Year Old, and Hibiki 12 Year Old.


Yamazaki, Japan’s oldest distillery, has a tremendous reputation in the US with the 12 Year Old being one of the most established Japanese brands in this country. Vatted from a collection of American, Spanish, and Japanese oak casks the 12 has a gently spicy character with oak and mint. The internationally acclaimed 18 Year Old, meanwhile, vatted from the same style of casks as the 12, demonstrates an oaky, chocolatey quality that is an absolute pleasure. Be sure to hunt out this bottle if you’ve never tried it. The 12 Year Old can be found for between $55 and $65 in New York while the 18 Year Old will cost up to $200. 

Built in 1973 at the foot of Mount Kaikomagatake, Hakushu distillery produces a peated style of whisky that is a relative newcomer to the US market.  The 12 Year Old is reminiscent of old books and treated wood with a peppery citrus flavor.  It’s available for between $60 and $70 in New York.

Finally, Hibiki 12 Year Old is a blend of malt whiskies from Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries and grain whisky from Chita.  Matured first in Japanese oak before finishing in Umeshu casks (used to mature Japan’s famous plum brandy), Hibiki provides a deliciously unique tasting experience. It retails for between $60 and $80 in New York.

Japan’s distilleries have a tremendous reputation on the world stage and we’re honored to count Suntory among this year’s exhibitors.

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Big Hitters Join Whisky Jewbilee Line-Up



Just today we’ve confirmed the involvement of Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Balvenie, Glenmorangie, and Highland Park at this year’s Whisky Jewbilee.
Balvenie confirms that they will be pouring their 12 and 17 Year Old Double Wood expressions, their 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask and their 21 Year Old Port Wood release at both our Mt. Kisco and New York City Jewbilee events.

Meanwhile, Highland Park will pour their 12, 15, and 18 Year Old expressions along with their latest release, the mysterious Loki, at our New York City Jewbilee.

Laphroaig, Ardbeg, and Glenmorangie will soon confirm their pour list for both events so please keep checking the 2013 Pour List for the latest updates.


Whisky Jewbilee in the New York Times



We were honored to see ourselves included in a recent New York Times article about the rise of the Jewish whisky consumer and their importance in the whisky marketplace.

Not only was the Whisky Jewbilee mentioned but both Jason and Joshua were quoted discussing the impact of their independent bottling company, Single Cask Nation, and Whisky Jewbilee.

You can click here to read the entire article.

Recapping Whisky Jewbilee 2012



For all those that had a chance to come out, thank you!  As you know, the Whisky Jewbilee was your chance to taste some of the finest whiskies (more than 100 different expressions to choose from) all in a comfortable and relaxed setting, filled with some of the most amazing kosher foods, provided by Ari White of Gemstone Catering (food, as you know, was under Star-K).

What you may not have known is that the Whisky Jewbilee made a little bit of whisky-history…

The Whisky Jewbilee was the coming out party for Japan’s Nikka whiskies here in the USA.  Additionally, The Glenrothes chose to treat some of you to their latest 1978 vintage.  As attendees of the Jewbilee, you were among the first in the USA to taste the 1978 vintage!  We were honored that both Nikka and The Glenrothes would choose our event to launch their new products.

What’s more is the Whisky Jewbilee was the coming out party for the Jewish Whisky Company.  We were very excited to sign up so many new members to Single Cask Nation and to pour our fine single cask whiskies.  It would seem that our peated BenRiach 17 year old really pulled people in with its elegant blend of sweet fruits and peat smoke.  Our 12 year old Arran, however, wowed those that enjoy cask strength whiskies with a slightly more spicy flavor profile and our 4 year old heavily peated Kilchoman shocked people with how aggressive in flavor it was while retaining a “smoothness” as well as a balance between the sweet and peat.

Thank you again for being a part of this historical whisky event.  We are eager to pour for you and many new attendees in 2013.


Gearing Up For Whisky Jewbilee 2013


Jared Card pours Arran and Kilchoman single malts at Whisky Jewbilee 2012 in NYC

It might be May, with the summer almost upon us, but we’re working diligently behind the scenes preparing for this October’s two Whisky Jewbilees. New exhibitors are coming onboard every day and the pour list is building.

We’re excited to see everyone enjoying themselves at another Jewbilee.

Slainte & l’chaim!
Joshua, Jason, and Seth